Digital Marketing Course

Why Pursue Digital Marketing?

With the introduction of Digital Marketing, we have come to a point on the internet where we have started expanding ourselves. In today’s time, there are numerous roles and responsibilities that a person can follow while studying about digital marketing. There are various blooming, dynamic and vast fields of marketing which people pursue their marketing roles.

Each job allows you to develop marketing skills and strategies such as marketing campaigns designing, maintaining, supplying the right content for an organization, engaging people through social media, and keeping a check on visitors flow for every website that you handle. With the introduction of modern updates on search engines, the demand for Digital Marketing skills is growing day by day. The latest update in this scenario is the Rank Brain Update and to know about this update in detail you must read, Google RankBrain – A Step towards Advance SEO.

The field of digital marketing is for creative and passionate people and here we have listed some profiles that people can work upon to enter in the field of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Executives

Once a person is selected for this position, they need to look into the online marketing strategies for the organization. They plan & execute marketing campaigns and supply content for the organization’s website. Below is the list of responsibilities that Digital Marketing Executives need to bear.

  • Management and Development of Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Manage the Organization’s website
  • Optimize content for a website
  • Tracking Website traffic flow
  • Fixing Errors in website
  • Attending networking events and product launches
  • Edit and post content, videos, podcasts, and audio content on sites
  • Executing social media efforts to improve KPIs

Digital Marketing Manager

The primary objective of the digital marketing manager is to bring the exposure of a particular brand on the digital space. Some of the responsibilities of the Digital Marketing Manager are listed below. Developing, managing and implementing marketing campaigns to promote products and services of a company.

  • Enhancing Brand Awareness in digital space.
  • Attracting traffic and acquiring leads
  • Measuring site traffic, identity and evaluating new digital technologies to optimize marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization Executive

The primary role of an SEO executive or an SEO specialist is to rank a website page on a particular search engine. As the number of websites is increasing on the internet the roles and responsibilities of SEO are also picking pace. We have listed some responsibilities that an SEO Executive has to follow.

  • Conducting On-Site and Off-Site analytics
  • Compiling performances with Google Analytics Algorithm
  • Contributing to the Company’s blog for on-page and off-page optimization
  • Conducting keyword research according to the latest keywords research strategies

Social Media Marketing Expert

The main role of the social media marketing expert is to combine marketing and social media management to enhance the company’s social media presence by following some of the factors. Interacting with the audience, Promoting Brand’s engaging content and expanding the walls for increasing the revenue. Some of the responsibilities of social media marketing expert are listed below.

  • Creating Social Media Marketing Strategy And campaigns
  • Promoting a brand’s products and services.
  • Building a social media marketing strategy and executing it through a competitive audience.
  • Optimizing company pages with the social media platform
  • Contributing to audience engagement and website traffic.

Digital Marketing Copywriter

There are many responsibilities that a copywriter has to handle as producing content for the website, refining content, and helping a search engine marketer to write a better Ad copy. Some of the major roles of Digital Marketing Copywriter are listed below.

  • Making the content Sellable
  • Understanding Target Audience and developing attractive content
  • Working with different teams to ensure quality results
  • Writing blogs, web pages, social media content and more

Conversion Rate Optimizer

A conversion rate optimizer is responsible for optimizing conversion rates on a website. It is listed in one of the most crucial digital marketing roles and their main objective is to manage, test, and implement conversion rated through the digital marketing funnel. Some of the responsibilities handled by Conversion Rate Optimizer are listed below.

  • Optimizing marketing conversion paths
  • Increasing Marketing Funnel Efficiencies
  • Collaborating with each team in the organization
  • Management of CTAs, landing pages, and lead generation forms

Search Engine Specialist

The main work of the Search Engine Specialist is to target the number of leads and the number of clicks from a given marketing budget. It is an important designation in any organization and by reading these roles of the Search Engine or SEM specialist, you can understand their work.

  • Tracking and analyzing website analytics
  • Optimizing landing pages
  • Analyzing advertising links of the competitors
  • Website analysis

Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing Manager is responsible for content marketing and their main work include managing blogs, marketing campaigns, guest blogging, email communications, video marketing, and sales pages copywriting. Here are some points that will help you understand in a better way.

  • Improve content on the website which your Target audience is looking for
  • Delivering effective editorial plan
  • Integrating content programs
  • Developing Editorial Calendar
  • Receiving Customer Feedback
  • Analyzing Web Traffic Metrics


Above are the key profiles that a person can work after Digital Marketing. This field is growing day by day and hence people can pursue these profiles along with some more profiles which are being introduced on a regular basis. For young marketers who are starting their journey in the Digital Marketing industry, here are some informative Productive Ways for Social Media Challenges While Starting Online Marketing. If you are an aspirant of this humungous platform, you can master digital marketing with a certificate with Digital Edge Institute.

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